Shopping Guide for Usaato Clothes

Usaato fabric, design and sizing is very unique. Please read carefully before your purchase. 

First, we would like you to know how unique Usaato clothes are. Find out how they are made and how they are distributed to our customers all over the world! Please read about the Usaato Story.

Usaato sizing is very unique as well. Regular sizing charts sometimes do not give a good idea of how the clothes fit you. Each item has detailed measurements in their description. We would like you to find clothes that fit you properly and comfortably. Please check your measurements carefully before purchasing and read Quality of Fabric and Sizing Information

The fabrics and dyes used for Usaato products are all natural. They need more gentle care than regular clothes when being washed. Learn how to care for Usaato clothes to maintain their beautiful colors and fabric quality for a long time. Please read Caring for Usaato Clothes.

We have a specific Return, Exchange and Refund Policy in order to ensure that all of our customers receive the highest quality products and purchasing experience. A first fitting guide and return/exchange policy will be included with your item. Unless the item is defective or damaged, you will be responsible for return shipping costs. Please read our Return, Exchange and Refund Policy.

If you cannot find what you like in our current online collection, make sure to subscribe to our news letter.  We will notify you when we get a new inventory.  Shipment we get has completely different inventory each time so I hope you will find something you like soon.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the fabric organic?

All Usaato fabric are made with sustainably grown cotton, hemp and silk without any pesticides or chemicals. Although they are not certified organic we proudly say that they are beyond organic. All of our cotton, hemp and silk are farmed by Thai & Laos villagers with their traditional natural farming method that they have been practicing for generations. It is the true sustainable way of farming.

Q. Is the clothes handmade?

Yes. Usaato clothing is hand sewn and most fabric used is woven by hand, although there are some that are machine woven, as noted. The dyes used to color the fabric are from the natural colors of plants. The buttons are made from shells, wood and fabric.

Q. What kind of dyes do you use?

We only use natural based dyes from plant leaves, trees, nuts, fruits and even the soil. Each village uses their local plants. With these natural materials we create colors such as indigo, mango, rosewood and black. To ensure that the deep colors remain in the fabric, it is dyed and dried between 80 and 100 times.

Q. Can I buy USAATO fabric?

We do not sell textiles, themselves.

Q. Is it easy to take care of Usaato clothes? 

The materials of Usaato clothes are all natural, so we recommend gentle wash with natural detergent. Please see details under Caring for Usaato Clothes.

Q. I found the item I like but not in my size or in the color I like. Can I order a different color or size if I do not see it in stock?

Unfortunately, no. We do not order specific items from our supplier. We sell only what we have in stock and what the supplier sends to us, which, we believe, along with the uniqueness of Usaato clothing, helps to make finding that special piece a one-of-a-kind experience! We do receive new items regularly so please  subscribe to our newsletter.  

Q. Can I buy custom-made clothes?

Unfortunately we do not offer custom-made clothes.