Quality of Usaato Clothes

About the Quality of Usaato Clothes

Usaato clothes are made by hand with natural materials which makes each item unique and practically one of a kind. They are carefully woven and dyed by villagers with traditional home-made looms and so you might find some “unique textures” or “charms” in the fabrics. 

Sewing Quality

The sewing quality of Usaato clothes is amazing. They all have French seams (no serged seams). They are sewn so well that sometimes you almost cannot tell which is the inside or outside of the clothing.

Photo 1: Inside seam and button holes


Photo 2: Outside seam (top) and inside seam (bottom)


Fabrics that include the following are normal and non-defective. They will not be accepted for returns or exchanges

[1] Fabric
Note: The color and texture of the photos shown may differ slightly from the actual product.

- Black and hard particles in the fabric are cotton seed shells, not dirt!

- There are slight “fabric gaps” (thread knots) and uneven weaving (a result of hand-woven material)

- The way the fabric patterns meet at the seams is intentional, whether it is offset or aligned (shown, seam in the middle)

- Even if a clothing item has the same item number, the color or/and pattern may differ slightly, depending on the fabric parts used. If distinctly different, each item is listed separately on our online store (shown, two items, left and right)


[2] Sewing Process
Weavers and sewing fabricators take responsibility for their work from beginning to end. Weavers design their own fabrics, sewing fabricators complete each piece, themselves. In mass-produced clothing production, this is not common, for one person to sew clothing items from beginning to end. Usaato clothes are made in a relatively small scale to maintain their high quality.  Sometimes you may even find the name of the sewer stitched to the back of clothes (please peel it off before wearing!)

- Measurements may differ slightly from one item to another

- The trace of charcoal pen, used in the creation of items, may sometimes be found on the fabric. It will be removed when washed.