Exhibitions and Sales in your area

Usaato Natural Clothing Exhibitions and Sales

Usaato clothes can be purchased online or at exhibitions and sales hosted by our exhibition coordinators.

Most of the exhibitions are postponed due to COVID 19.
Please contact the coordinator in your area, listed below, or subscribe to our newsletter for exhibition details.

Visiting exhibitions gives you the opportunity to experience the amazing fabrics first-hand and also allows you to verify the fit of specific items.

Our clothes are delivered from USAATO Japan to our sales office in Oakland, California. Our coordinators arrange exhibition sales dates and venues in their area. The inventory varies at each exhibition.   

All exhibition sales are final. Returns are not accepted.

USA (California) Coordinators

Los Angeles: Yoko Ano 

Sacramento: Sawako Ama 

San Diego: Misa Anekoji 

San Francisco: Yuko Gower 

Shasta: Yasuko Morikawa

Richmond: Kiyomi Koide