Caring for Usaato Clothes

Usaato Clothes are handwoven and made from naturally dyed silk, cotton and hemp. Weaving irregularities and uneven coloring are a natural part of the look of these fabrics. The thread is stretched before weaving and the fabrics have been washed before the manufacturing process. Starch is used in the fabric. It is normal for the new clothing to feel stiff before the first wash, they will get softer after every wash. A great deal of care, labor and artistry goes into the making of Usaato clothes. We encourage you to also take proper care to help maintain the quality of these artisan fabrics.

Hand-washing is recommended!

Gently washing the clothes by hand will help ensure their beauty and longevity.  If machine washing is necessary, turn the clothes inside out and use a laundry net bag.

Choosing your detergent wisely!

Some detergents have whitening or bleaching agents that may cause discoloration of natural dyed clothes. Mild soaps and additive-free detergents are recommended. 

Separate clothes by colors!

The dark colors may run in initial washings.

Avoid drying in direct sunlight!

Colors may fade when drying the clothes under direct sunlight. Dry your Usaato clothes inside out, in the shade, in a well ventilated place. Some textiles require stretching or reshaping after washing to regain their original form.

Be cautious with machine drying and ironing!

Machine drying may damage your Usaato clothes. Drying on a line is recommended. If you must use a machine dryer, set it to a short time setting and use low heat. Iron with medium heat (steam or dry) if necessary.


Usaato clothing is prewashed, however they may shrink a little after the first wash, depending on the material.

Some potential causes of discoloration:

- Lemon juice, vinegar, detergent with additives
- Direct contact with harsh detergent
- Direct contact of wet clothes with metals such as iron or copper
- Rain or sweat.