Usaato Story


USAATO clothes are made in specially selected villages in Thailand and Laos that practice sustainable agriculture and are known for their traditions of spinning, weaving and using plant based dyes to create colors such as indigo, ebony, turmeric and mango.

Most fabrics are handspun and handwoven from cotton, hemp and silk by artisan women using traditional home-made weaving machines.

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USAATO clothes are sewn in USAATO SIAM by individuals and groups in worker friendly environments in Chiang Mai, Thailand. These beautiful fabrics are unique to the various villages which is further reflected in the individuality of Usaato designs.


“What color shall we dye? What pattern shall we weave?” the villagers say.

Usaato honors what the weavers would love to weave, rather than asking them to make popular shades of color or weaving designs that are in trend.

We believe that the truly beautiful fabrics are born from the wisdom and artistic expression of the villagers who have lived there, in nature, for generations.

The artists determine their prices. Usaato honors this rather than setting a price that we might think they should have. 



Are USAATO products organic? This is the most frequently asked question. The answer is "yes" and "no". All Usaato fabrics are made from sustainably grown cotton, hemp and silk without any pesticides or chemicals. Although they are not certified organic we proudly say that they are beyond organic. All of our cotton, hemp and silk are farmed in the mountains in Thailand and Laos by the villagers using traditional natural farming method that they have been practicing for generations. "Organic" cannot fully describe the way they farm their crops, a way that is respectful of nature. We believe that this is the true sustainable way of farming. (photo above, village rice field)



The designer, Usaburo Sato, originally from Japan and now residing in Chiang Mai, creates, with much respect, unique designs from these beautiful fabrics. 

The attention, time and passion put into the creation of these clothes gives a sense of energy that can be felt on your body and in your soul.

We love sharing the gift of nature with you through these beautiful and feeling-good-to-wear artisan clothes.



We support sustainable agriculture and healthy commerce relationships.



“Everything is interconnected.”

Usaato is about creating and supporting healthy lifestyles and sustainable communities, respecting and caring for those involved in the process of making and distributing their products. We believe that this brings happiness and prosperity that can lead to healthy, organic, sustainable agriculture and living traditions. Working together to create the best environment for the villagers and to support a relationship of interdependency.

We invite you to be part of this conscious commerce.

About Usaato Designer, Usaburo Sato

Born in Hokkaido, Japan, Usaburo now calls Chiang Mai, Thailand home. After having been a designer for haute couture in Europe and Japan, Usaburo searched throughout the world for genuine materials to make clothes. He finally found villagers in Thailand who are still using traditional methods of making fabrics with natural materials and dyes. Usaburo uses these special fabrics to create clothing that have strong life energy. 

“My mission is to create the clothing of life” - Usaburo Sato, Usaato designer


About Usaato USA

Usaato USA started in 2010 with a mission of creating a conscious community with Usaato artisan clothes.  We started with one exhibitions in San Francisco and now we have 7 exhibition coordinators in California. 

We are now very excited to serve you through our online store.  

Usaato USA staff: Yuko Gower & Sawako Ama